Offered services

  • Innovative programs for vocational education and training in accordance with the real requirements of the labour market in European aspect;
  • Flexible schemes helping the career development of young people and people from disadvantaged groups, such as mentoring for people with disabilities, instruments for attractive and effective self-presentation in front of potential employers, etc.;
  • Counselling people with disabilities in order to encourage their independent living;
  • Opportunities for participation in training and working practice on international level;
  • Training for professionals working with people with disabilities in close connection with the rise of quality of their work;
  • Cooperation with NGO‘s, vocational training organizations, universities, and other institutions on regional, national and international level;
  • Development of transnational projects, aiming to implement new training approaches for professional realization of people with disabilities;
  • Development of a validation framework for evaluation of the achievements of people with disabilities and disadvantaged;
  • Innovative approach in the realization of training process, incorporated in online and mobile distance learning for flexible and accessible training, based on contemporary researches and methods for vocational and educational training.

Target Groups

  • young people
  • people with disabilities
  • persons from disadvantaged groups
  • teachers, trainers, university professors
  • policy makers on national and European level
  • employers, employers organizations
  • trade unions
  • European networks acting in the field of social work, education and life-long learning
  • different stakeholders with activities similar to ours

Our programmes and activities are targeted to the main economic sectors, including tourism and hospitality, food and beverage, biotechnologies and environmental protection, education and life-long learning, service sector, marketing, management, and human resource development.

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