The 1st intellectual output on E-care project has been successfully finalized

The Curriculum of the training course for provision of Palliative Care services at home was developed in cooperation with all partners involved in the consortium. The following units will be prepared in the next months:

Module 1: Wound Care

Module 2: Hygiene and Care in Invasive-Non-Invasive Methods

Module 3: Respiratory Issues

Module 4: Exercise and Physiotherapy in Bed

Module 5: Following Prescribed and Other Medicines

Module 6: Emergency Management

Module 7: Patients’ Self Care

Module 8: Approach to Alzheimer – Dementia Patients

Module 9: Patient’s Evaluation

Module 10: Pain and Symptom Management

Module 11: Communication with Patient Module

 Module 12: Communication with Medical Institutions

Module 13: Management of Psychological Issues

Module 14: Rights of Patients and Patients’ Relatives

Module 15: Nutrition

We will keep you updated on how we are progressing with the content development.

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